Write anything

Write Anything

This is a work in progress. We are building something unique and beautiful. An answer for creatives being asked to work only in focus mode. A place to organize your messy brain and get your thoughts down.

What can Kwil.io do?

The Editor has some wonderful abilities.

  • Import and Export from docx, odt, html and epub, and pdf (export only)
  • Control your pagination for printing and layout
  • Set headers and footers for footnotes and layout
  • Toggle between rich text and markdown (as long as your formatting supports it)
  • Navigate through your document with both visible (chapters) and hidden (scenes) sections that can be rearranged with drag and drop.
Perfect for keeping track of all of your hair-brained ideas

Rather than building specific tools for mind-mapping, snowflake, timeline, character cards, or other tools many but not all authors use, we built a simple card system. Think of these as multifunctional sticky notes. With these you can drag a note onto your writing surface to refer to it while you work – or… you can organize these cards into a flexible board.

What does this solve?

With this single interface, you can write by snowflake method, build a timeline, organize a character’s major development points. Just add columns, name them and drag the cards to where they work.

What else?

Business up top, party below!

You can view your organization while you write in a split view. No paging back and forth. And, if you want to get back to focus but still need to refer to a card, just drag it up to the writing surface and close the board. You can create as many boards as you need with different layouts, content, and ideas.

You can highlight any passage of text in your work to create a snippet. This shows up along with your chapter and scene organization in it’s own section so you can navigate to the snippet. But, it also behaves like a card, so you can drag that snippet onto your writing surface and refer to it, and even edit it while working on another section.

What’s next?

We hope to have our basic card model working with a cleaner implementation of the editor in the next few weeks. Once we have that, we’re going to go where our users take us. But, real-time collaboration, swapping out project types (swap the text editor for an IDE or an art canvas), and a visual citation engine for professional writing are all on the roadmap.

Need Help?

Absolutely. Get in touch if you want to be a part of this. There are plenty of writing tools out there, but we think our “messy but organized” approach fits the 3AM Eureka moment better than a lot of the left-brained opinionated editors out there. If you agree, reach out. We can always use developers, writers, and believers. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date when we’re closer to launch.